With over 37 years of hard work and commitment, to make a real difference, SIPRADI has been a market leader in Auto motive and Allied business. The company has more than 750 employees and 650 supporting staff working towards a shared goal - To deliver quality products and services while adding synergy to the growth of overall brand value. And we would like you to be a part of our company!

System Oriented Management Run Company

We strongly believe in a systematic approach in running the company. We at SIPRADI make sure that we are a system and process driven company that constantly invests in its physical infrastructure, people, technology and all procedural systems that drive efficiency and excellence. So, joining SIPRADI means fairness, progress and personal development as a whole.

Handsome Remuneration with performance based reward system

Hard work should be recognized and rewarded. Therefore, at SIPRADI you can expect a competitive salary package, if not even better, in comparison to the industry’s standard. We being the market leader as well as people driven company, you can expect excellent, competitive compensation and a full benefit package.  And based on your performance, you can anticipate an additional reward.

Monetary Benefits

  • Industry Competitive Salary Package
  • Performance based Incentive
  • Annual Bonus
  • Festival Bonus
  • Medical & Accidental Insurance
  • Performance based Increments

Opportunity to Work in Different Areas

SIPRADI has many allied business all across the automotive industry. Therefore, once you become a part of SIPRADI, you even get an opportunity to apply for an Inter-department shifts, Sister Company or Group Company shifts.

SIPRADI is a great place to push your career to the next level.

Training Opportunities

At SIPRADI we integrate training opportunities into our core business strategy. This is why we encourage people to be a part of various in-house and abroad training. In fact, we even have our full dedicated in-house trainers for required trainings to further enhance employee’s skill and knowledge.

We also provide an environment where you’ll play a key part in a friendly, diverse team. You will be working with a powerful network of talented professionals.



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