SIPRADI's commitment to the After Sales Services

02 Jul , 2019

Customer care service has always been the utmost priority of SIPRADI. In fact, one of the core values of SIPRADI is Customer’s first choice and we are always looking for ways to meet that. 
If you have a commercial vehicle, i.e. pickups, trucks, tippers and buses of TATA Motors, here are the value-added services you can enjoy: 
1. Sanjeevani Yojana
Sanjeevani Yojana encourages second life to the engine of your TATA vehicle by overhauling engine and fuel injection pump. This plan focuses on warranty of an engine and servicing the engine in 6 days. If failed to do so, you will be compensated. 
2. Express Sewa
Express Sewa promises servicing of your Commercial Vehicle within 48 hours, otherwise you will be compensated with Rs. 1,100 per day. As the name suggests, the major objective of express sewa is to provide on spot servicing. Currently, this service can be obtained in the SIPRADI’s service center located in Mahindra Highway, Prithvi Highway along with the workshops around Kathmandu Valley, Biratnagar, Dharan, Birgunj, Janakpur, Bhairahawa, Dang, Nepalgunj & Dhangadi.
3. Roadside Assistance
Roads of Nepal are unpredictable. Therefore, to provide the peace of mind to the TATA Motors customers, we provide roadside assistance. In case your vehicle breaks down in the highway, all you have to do is contact SIPRADI’s service center. For assistance the help will be on your way.   
4. Service Booking Facility
This plan values time of the customers so they provide easy and quick services. For this, one has to book servicing time on the day prior to completion. 
5. Customer Birthday Celebration
Whether it be a big or small, we love to be a part of our customer’s celebration. With the same thought, we provide numerous offers, special facilities and assistance throughout the entire birthday month.   
6. Quick Service Bay
With our quick service bay facility, you need not have to wait for long hours in line just for a small and simple services. Various facilities such as changing engine oil, changing filters, changing clutch, checking tire pressure can be quickly rendered.
7. Super Service
Super service facilities are for the specific models of TATA motors. Here, you get a superfast service for the specified models. Make sure to check this service on your next visit to servicing.  
8. SMS Service Plan
Through our SMS service plan, you can know about your servicing cost and the servicing time required for your vehicle. This will help you plan your vehicle servicing accordingly and know the exact amount it will cost. 
9. Service Token
This plan executes on the basis of ‘First come, first service’. It prioritizes the one who come earlier than others. Its fundamental objective is to give equal priority to every customer without any discrimination. 
10. Personal Health Kit
Life on the road can be busy and hectic. Therefore, as a stress reliever, we provide personal health kit to our key account drivers. This will help maintain the health and hygiene even at the busiest time of their life.
11. Mobile Service Workshop
Mobile Service Workshop serves customers for 24/7. In the absence of Sipradi Service Center nearby, it renders services in complete package. This contains a modern mobile van where all spare parts, lubricants as well as vital tools are required for servicing are available.
12. Emergency Service Center
Emergency Service Center help the customers during the time of emergency. It immediately serves the customers who drive TATA Commercial Vehicle.
13. Bound up Service Bay
This plan bound up the customers by rendering quick and quality services to BSIV TATA Commercial Vehicle.
14. School Bus Special Service Time
Did you know the SIPRADI’s service center has special timing facilities for TATA School Bus? In case you didn’t, this plan prioritizes servicing and repairing of TATA school buses from 11am to 3pm. This service makes sure there is no disturbance in the school bus timings.  
15. Cash Less Indemnity
The first of its kind in Nepal, through cashless insurance customers of TATA vehicles can directly head to any of our wide networked service centers for vehicle maintenance or insurance claim, in case the vehicle meets an accident. Through this service, your insurance claim will be faster, easily accessible and hassle- free at the same time.
16. Drive Line Warranty
We strive to take your business on the road to progress. Therefore, we provide a warranty of 6 months on the spare parts changed for TATA Motors’s commercial vehicles at the SIPRADI workshop.  
17. Toll Free Service
Any TATA Commercial Vehicle having any problem or enquiries can give a call without bearing any charge. This plan is for 24/7. For any confusions, queries, questions and assistance, you can contact us at 9801575777, 16600155777 

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