5 Tips for Safe Driving

31 Oct , 2019

When on road, your eyes must be on road. Safe driving has become one of the major concerns in today’s world. The exponentially increasing number of accidents every year has alarmed the people as well as the authority. Still, over speeding, drunk driving and careless overtaking are the major worries. And being on the driver seat you must realize that safety of you along with your family members are on you. And a small carelessness can become a life changing experience.    
Therefore, be responsible while driving and be the part of mitigating the road accidents by following these simple tips: 
1. Be conscious towards driving
Do not drive with your worries. It is totally human nature to think about various list while driving. It can be your grocery list, office work or celebration of your child’s birthday. However, the distraction can lead to unresponsiveness, which can lead to a bad scenario. Also, there can be numerous ways that can lead to accident on the road. You should try to avoid changing lanes too fast and tailgating while on road. And with conscious mind, you can avoid such situations. 
2. Do not use cell phone while driving
It is a bad idea to take a call when you are driving on a road. This distraction can be bad for you as well as other people driving on the road. However, in case of emergency you can use Bluetooth earphone or inbuilt Bluetooth helmet. But still try to avoid using phones while driving. 
3. Drink or Drive
One of the major reasons for accident around the world is drunk driving. After having a bottle of beer, you might feel you are fine and mentally conscious to drive back home. However, the haziness caused by the drink can lead to road accidents. Therefore, either you can drink or drive but do not do the both. 
4. Do not over speed
Over speeding might give you a heroic feeling and a sense of freedom like John Abraham in Dhoom. However, it is very dangerous. There are many road accidents caused due to over speeding as you will have less control over your bike. Therefore, over speeding is never a good idea. Remember, you mustn’t ride too fast considering yourself as a track rider because the road you ride is not track and you are not Valentino Rossi.
5. Use indicators and follow traffic rules
The best way to avoid accidents while on the road is to follow traffic rules and right use of indicators is one among them. Some of the vehicles may use both indicator lights turned on in emergency case like ambulance and high ranked government official’s vehicles. However, some people misuse it by turning both lights without a cause, which creates confusion among other drivers. Therefore, be careful while using the indicator and follow traffic lights, rules, lanes and lines strictly to avoid any unpleasant situations. 
You cannot always blame the roads for accidents. The roads might not be safe, but with your conscious mind and following traffic rules you can mitigate road accidents. These might be few simple tips but play a huge role for the safety on the road. Therefore, self-awareness by everyone who shares roads is required to make a road safe place.                

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