Awareness Towards Road Safety

19 Jul , 2018

A considerable lot of us send our kids to class on school transports.

Won't it be pleasant if the kids and the general people associated with sending the kids to class and back home were made mindful about road safety and traffic rules?

Won't you feel more secure with the learning that the general people in charge of transporting your kids have the imperative information of traffic safety?

This was precisely the target when TATA Motors alongside Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., exclusive distributor in Nepal, commenced on a road safety campaign for school kids and the general population engaged with transporting them.

The campaign was titled 'Hamro Bus Ko Kura' and was actualized as a team with the Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.

The point of the campaign was to guarantee a protected and agreeable travel for school kids by making them and the transport administrators mindful of the street security and activity rules. The campaign concentrated on enhancing the learning of kids, instructors, and transport administrators by making them mindful of best practices while travelling. The transport administrators and instructors were especially prepared in understanding the psychology and conduct of school children.

An aggregate of 15,182 members which included students, teachers, and transport staffs were made mindful about road safety and traffic rules.

The campaign was outlined in an intelligent and engaging way, utilizing visual apparatuses, tests, video introductions, live exhibitions, and drawing competitors to bestow learning to the members.

So, what more can we do to keep our kids safe on road? What more can be done for an effective road safety campaign?
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