5 tips that will help you drive safe this monsoon!

22 Jul , 2019

Monsoon is here! 
Rain washes away all the dirt and dust of the cities and makes it shiny and look beautiful. It enhances the greenery and gives life to the tired summer souls. Although, we cannot ignore the importance of monsoon in our life, getting out of the house on rainy days can be hectic. Due to the road conditions of Nepal, unmanaged traffic and rush to reach the destination can add an extra burden while driving. You have to be more careful about monsoon to avoid any unwanted situations. Better careful than sorry, here are a few driving tips that can help you have a happy and safe monsoon while enjoying the beauty monsoon has to offer. 
1. Inspect your vehicle
One who drives a vehicle mandatorily make sure that his/her vehicle’s windshield wipers are working properly. You must replace the cracked windshield to stay away from leakage.
2. Allow extra time
It is the worst moment when you have to stuck in traffic congestion in bad weather. In order to reach your destined place timely, you should plan ahead and leave early.
3.  Slow down
When it rains, oil and dirt on the pavement rise to the surface. When you drive slowly, you will have better control of the vehicle to avoid skidding/slipping.
4. Don’t tailgate
To avoid a collision, there is one rule of thumb i.e. don’t tailgate. The reason behind collision during rainfall is that it takes three times longer to stop on a wet road compared to a dry one. So, you should increase the distance you normally keep from the car in front of you and be alert of tail lights. 
5. Be aware of hydroplaning
Hydroplaning is a situation where your vehicle travels on the top of the water and has very little contact with the ground leading to a loss of traction. To safely get out of a hydroplaning situation, let off the gas and steer straight or slightly in the direction you are traveling. 
Happy Monsoon!

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