Taking Care of your Mental Health

14 Jun , 2020

Make your mental health a priority!


Here are a few activities to champion your mental and emotional wellbeing. Let us know which one have you been following.

The ongoing global pandemic and its uncertainties have affected our mental health more than we have realized. If you are facing insomnia, mental breakdown, low on energy and loss of interest in the activities you used to enjoy before, you are not the only one.

Recent survey during the month of April showed that 25% of those surveyed admitted to experiencing constant psychosocial problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 42% suffered from at least one kind of psychsocial problem, and at least 15% of the respondents admitted they had taken to alcohol and substance abuse.
A survery participated by 1,500 Nepalese was done by Transcultural Psychosocial Orgranisation (TPO Nepal) and Sharecast Initiative during the lockdown, showed that quarter of those surveyed felt restless, anxious, fearful, worried and some were violent at times. Problems were more frequent among women, students stressed about postponed exams, people whose businesses are impacted by the lockdown, and daily-wage earners.
Around the world, there has been an increase in the complaints regarding mental health. In most cases, anxiety and depression go undetected and becomes challenging to deal with. Therefore, you, yourself have to champion mental health and well-being of yourself.
Here are a few activities to ensure your mental and emotional wellbeing:
  1. Have a routine – As much as you can, you are advised to carry your daily routine. With most of the employees losing their jobs, offices being being partially closed, and working from home, you might fear the future. Therefore, in order to feel normal, you are highly advised to keep a routine going. Here, make sure you are enduring your sleeping, exercise routine and eating habits as before. Also, daily routine helps you save from decision fatigue. Now that you have all the time in your hand, you might feel anxious and overwhelmed with the options to carry out. Therefore, before you hit decision fatigue and start complaining about the uncontrollable circle of concerns, it is better to have or continue your daily routine.


  1. Stay Active – WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both. It can be challenging during these physical distancing period, especially for the people who remain physically active. Not only for active people, but low levels of physical activity can pose a negative impact on mental as well as quality of life for everyone. Also, exercise releases endorphins, which helps keep your mood positive.


  1. Re-arrange your home – During the times like these, some of us can get anxious, restless and wander around. So, you can give yourself a break from it and re-decorate your home that you have been postponing for months. This will make you feel productive and in control. Plus, the surrounding of the home will keep you happy.


  1. Just breathe – The ongoing crisis can make you feel worrisome. So, whenever you feel anxious, just take a deep breath. Controlled breathing helps you keep calm and think rationally. Also, avoid reading fake news on social media which can trigger your anxiety.


  1. Show gratitude – If you have a friends and family who love and care about you, be grateful to them. This might not seem easy during these hard times, but being thankful for all the good things in your life can make life easier. Do not beat yourself for your regrets.


  1. Connect with your loved ones – This might be the perfect time to catch up with your family and friends through video calls. Talk to them, express yourself, pour out your frustration or complaints if you and don’t forget to ask them how they are doing too.


This pandemic has serious effect on our lives. However, like all the bad days, it shall pass too.

Everyone experiences stress, sadness and anxiety in different phases of life. It is the matter of how you will handle it.

But in case you are feeling depressed, anxious and low on life and need someone to talk to, here are few helpline numbers to talk to:


TPO Nepal – 16600102005
CMC Nepal – 16600185080
Koshish Nepal – 16600122322
TUTH Suicide Hotline – 9840021600

Patan Hospital Helpline for Suicide Prevention: 9813476123

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