Why Should You Use Compatible Lubricant?

13 Oct , 2019

Your 2-wheeler or/& 4-wheelers is your ride companion wherever you go. So, it’s your duty to take proper care of your vehicle. And when talking about the taking care of your ride, you cannot miss on the engine – the heart of your vehicle. And what can be the best way to take care of it than using the compatible engine oil?
Most of us tend to heavily rely on the workshop mechanics while changing the lubricant without much interference. We believe they know the best and let the experts take care of the business. However, you should equally educate yourself when it comes to your vehicle as lubricants increases the life span and efficiency of your vehicle.  
And, why it is so important to find the most compatible lubricant for your vehicle? 
1. Increases fuel efficiency and power
When you use the compatible engine oil in your vehicle, you can increase fuel efficiency by 1 to 2 percent. Your vehicle can burn up to 20 to 30 percent more fuel if you show carelessness while taking care of it. There is little existence of lubricants that provides better fuel economy through unique friction modifier technology. Good engine oil can improve engine torque and horsepower output. 
2. Cleaner engine and smoother engine sound
A refined engine lubricant minimizes the dirt and small particles onto the motor. Riding on the roads of Nepal can be unpredictable. You never know the condition until you travel. From well-pitched roads to the unavoidable bumps and pit holes, your vehicle has to pass through all. Therefore, to make sure your engine produces the please Vroom, makes sure you use the most compatible lubricant.  
3. Expands the engine’s life
You must be choosy if you do not want your engine to give up on your vehicle. Engine may get weaker with the condition that you didn’t use compatible grade lubricant. Along with using branded lubricant, you have to change it periodically, every 5000 km or 6 months - whichever comes first. This way, your engine can survive long and run without any faults. A good engine oil looks after the heart of your vehicle. 
4. Decreases chance of leakage
The main purpose of engine oil is to keep your vehicle’s engine lubricated and cool. It keeps the moving parts of engine from crushing against each other causing wear and damage. All the fluids should be held at their optimal level to ensure that your vehicle’s engine runs smoothly and efficiently.
5. Improves performance
A good engine lubricant makes your engine look younger for longer. Your vehicle shows maximum performance and makes every difficult road easily possible. For this, thanks to the branded engine oil. They perform well even in high-heat and extreme cold environment. It offers protection to your vehicle from any temperature and weather. For example, MAK 4T Plus 20W40 is the best in terms of low-temperature pump ability, high-temperature stability, minimizing engine deposits, better oxidation stability, cleaner engine and extended oil life as well as smooth operation of wet clutches. You can visit - 
http://www.sipraditrading.com.np/mak-lubricant to know more. 
It is very important to change your engine oil on a regular interval. The lubricant you use in your vehicle should maximize the overall riding performance. Therefore, make sure your choice of lubricant values your engine’s life. 
Also, you can download SIPRADI’s app to find out which engine oil best suits in your vehicle among multiple grades. 
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