Car Care Tips: How to Maintain Your Car’s Paint?

14 Jun , 2019

1. Wash It Thoroughly
Washing is one of the single most important steps in maintaining your car's paint. It is important that you wash your car thoroughly on a weekly basis. Don’t use household detergents to wash your car. They are acidic in nature and will do more harm to the paint.  Using a car shampoo to wash the tyres, exteriors, interiors, and windshield and window glass area. If there are bird droppings on the car, make sure to clean them immediately with water and a clean, soft cloth. 
2. Wax Your Car
Waxing a car involves applying a thin coat of wax to your car’s paint, allowing it to slightly harden, and then buffing it off with a towel or polisher. While it may appear that you’ve removed all the wax from your vehicle’s paint, a thin protective coat is left behind. Although not visible to the naked eye this protective coat has numerous benefits for your car’s paint.
3. Apply paint sealant
You have to use it only once or twice a year. It will protect car paint by creating a protective layer over it. You have to mix a bonding agent with the sealant, and the measure is normally 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. Increase or decrease the amount depending on the size of your vehicle but it’s important to keep that 4:1 ratio. Apply the mixture in a circular motion on one section at a time. When it changes the texture, rub with a towel in the same circular motion.
4. Use A Car Cover and keep it covered
One of the first things that car insurance companies ask you is if you keep your car parked in a garage. Keeping your car parked under a garage is one of the best ways to keep your car cleaner and out of harsh damaging UV rays that can quickly dull paint. And if you don’t own a garage at least try to cover the car when its parked for longer hours.
5. Defensive Parking
Have you ever noticed lone cars parked at the far end of a parking lot? That driver isn’t crazy, they’re trying to stay away from other cars. This helps minimize scratches that happen when careless people allow car doors to fly open and leave scratches on neighboring cars. 
The best defense is to prevent accidents before they happen by parking as far away from other cars as possible. It may be annoying at first, but soon you’ll come to appreciate the idea you used in.

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