Tips for additional miles of your vehicle after lockdown

19 Apr , 2020

We use our vehicles quite often in normal days. Now most of us are stuck at home for several weeks due to national lockdown and this implies thousands of vehicles are sitting idle too. We definitely are knitting more plans with our vehicles as soon as we bid farewell to this situation. Right?

So, here are a few simple, periodic checks and procedures you can follow to ensure the vehicle is in a good shape to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


1. Store Safely

While we make sure we stay inside home to remain safe, we should also ensure our vehicle are covered with weatherproof car covers which will keep the car clean, dry and prevent it from unnecessary exposures. Similarly, in case of trucks and buses, you can find the cool area or a shade to park your vehicle. While parking these vehicles it is highly recommended to park the vehicle on flat surfaces.


2. Battery Care

Being one of the most important components of the car, you should ensure its optimal health state. You need to start the car at least once in two weeks and keep it running for few minutes. Same implies with our trucks, buses and other vehicles, we should start the engine for at least 10 minutes once in every 3 days to avoid battery discharge. Even when the car is stationary, the battery still consumes some energy to power some of its devices so make sure you start the vehicle or remove the battery cable if you are not able to access the vehicle.


3. Follow Brake Etiquettes

As your car is in rest for some weeks now, it is suggested not to use parking brakes. So, another essential car tip is not to use parking brake, when you leave a car in storage. You need to make sure you use tire stopper to prevent the car from moving. Similarly, in case of our big vehicles, engage the vehicle in gear rather than engaging handbrakes for long period. This will ensure your vehicle brake’s health to a good condition.


4. Take care of your Windshield Wipers

Our vehicle’s windshield is idle for some time now, you need to check the windshield wipers to see if the rubber is cracked or brittle. Gently move and lift the windshield at least a week while you are starting a car or any other vehicles that will make your windshield in good form. Similarly, don’t forget to clean the windshield time to time which you leave at zero risk with your visibility.


5. Your tire’s health

The next thing you should take care of is health of our vehicle’s tires. To prevent the tire flat spot, we should move the vehicle and change the tire position once in every week either be it cars or buses and trucks. Another thing to consider to maintain tire’s health is we should ensure tires are positioned straight.

Besides this, here are some additional tips to keep your vehicle safe and sound:

- Park the vehicle responsibly and in a safe position

- Sanitize the interiors and door handles before parking the vehicle

- Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended tire pressure

- Clean the vehicles time and often. Give a cool wash in this summer.


These are some of the tips to nourish your loved vehicles in this time of lockdown. So, where do you see yourself traveling after the lockdown is over?


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