Five Ways to Improve Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

11 Mar , 2019

Since few years, the fuel price has soared exponentially. Therefore, maximizing fuel efficiency is a dream of many car owners. Who doesn’t want to drive more in less fuel? So, it is always wise to drive smartly and improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

Here are the few tips and tricks that can help you to cut down on your fuel cost. And these simple tricks may surprise you.


  1. Extra care for your battery

Have you ever thought that battery cables that are corroded can put pressure of your alternator causing it to work harder resulting in more fuel consumption as you drive? If not, then give it a thought. It is always better to check and clean your battery whenever your car goes in for a service. In case you are looking for a new battery you can always check – Exide battery here -


  1. Tyre Pressure makes a difference

If you check on your tyres pressure at least once a month, you may be saving on fuel. Flat or underinflated tyres can burn more petrol, costing you more on your fuel expenses. Therefore, if you are looking for tips to decrease the fuel expenses, you are advised to check your tyres every four weeks.


  1. Right oil for better mileage

For your car’s motor oil, you are advised to choose the motor oil recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. As they know the best product to enhance your vehicle’s performance and better fuel mileage, it is better to listen to them. Remember, unsuitable oil means your engine might be working overtime, which leads to more fuel consumption.  


  1. Drive with windows up

Here’s a popular myth, keeping your air conditioner turned off and windows open helps to save fuel consumption. However, the truth is a car’s fuel efficiency has a lot to do with aerodynamics and travelling at high speeds with the windows down impacts fuel efficiency because of the increased drag your engine has to fight to overcome.


  1. Always Gear Up

Your vehicle tends to consume more fuel in lower gears when accelerating. Therefore, it is always wise to shift into the highest possible gear the vehicle can handle while driving.

Also, try to resist rolling down that hill in neutral because, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t save fuel. While the engine is idling it is consuming a minimal amount of fuel. However, as the engine winds down further, it begins to work harder to prevent your car from stalling, and actually ends up using more fuel.


In case, you do not want to opt for less driving or carpooling, but want to save on your fuel expenses, try these ideas and let on know how it goes! 



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