Frequently Asked Questions

20 May , 2020

We have been getting lots of enquiries regarding the vehicle servicing through phone calls, messages during this lockdown period.

We collected the answers to the frequently asked questions from our Customer Care Chief Manager - Mr. Kumar Bhandari for Passenger Vehicles.


1. Is the service center open for Cars/ SUVs during the lockdown? 

With the announcement of a lockdown by the government, abided by the rule, we immediately closed our workshops and service centers. However, since most of our vehicles such as TATA Ambulance are the essentials vehicles which are still plying on the road, we are providing the emergency services and assistance to such vehicles. As most of our customers are doctors, safety and security personnel, health professionals, pharmacists; we made sure to give them as prompt services as possible during these times.
With safety being the topmost priority of our staffs, we operated with the selected team with safety precautions. In these 60 days of lockdown period, more than 959 vehicles were provided with emergency vehicle assistance. Also, our toll-free number was available for 24/7 hours for these emergency vehicles.   

2. What will happen to the vehicle’s warranty that expired during the lockdown? 

For all TATA Motors Passenger Vehicle, the expiry date of vehicle’s warranty and free service has been extended to 31st July, 2020.
Keep following our Official Facebook Page for any updates regarding the vehicle warranty and service schedules.

 3. Is it safe to visit the workshop during or after the lockdown?

Workshop safety has always been our top most priority. We strictly follow the service readiness guidelines. We have prepared a dedicated special force to clean and disinfect all the surfaces and corners inside the workshop premises on a regular basis. We also sanitize all the incoming vehicles inside the workshop.
Along with the preventive measures, we also maintain the primary requirements from our guidelines across all the workshops:
  • Arrangement of essentials like disinfectant, sanitizer, hand gloves, mask, etc.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitization of all the touchpoints - front office, customer lounge, driver waiting room, pantry and toilets
  • Thermal screening of all employees and visitors
  • Deep cleaning and sanitization of workshop, tools and equipment
  • Washing hands at the regular intervals
  • Compulsion to wear the masks inside the premises
  • Food, drinking water and essential cutlery to be brought from home by the staff member

4. How are you ensuring the readiness from your team for daily workshop operation?

We have been orienting all our team members with the Personal Hygiene and Practices through our dedicated eWASH Team from SIPRADIAN SAHAYATA SANSTHA.
Apart from that, we have also taken serious steps for the health and safety of our staff and customers, such as:
  • Compulsory Temperature Screening/ Health check for customer and workshop manpower. Anyone with cough, cold or fever will be requested to seek the medical help immediately
  • Arrangement of hand wash/sanitization kit at the entrance and exit for customers
  • Designated area for sanitization of incoming vehicles and related preparedness
  • Employees using public transportation are given pick and drop service
  • Ensure a physical distance inside the premises
  • All the meetings are conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams

5. What are the regulations the customers need to know while visiting the workshop for servicing?  

As the fear of COVID-19 is still there, we request all our customers to pre-book their service before visiting the workshop. This will help us control the flow of the vehicle and avoid crowd inside the premises. We can also get all the vehicles serviced on time.
Pre-booking is really easy.
Customers can use our SIPRADI App or call us at our toll-free number 16600155777 (NTC) or 9801575777 (NCELL).
To know more about the pre-booking service for your Cars/ SUVs, CLICK HERE


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