Is your vehicle monsoon ready?

21 Jul , 2020

Do you think that your vehicle is monsoon ready?


Imagine you are driving to your office. You are in a middle of the road, waiting for the traffic light to go green. You are watching the rain hit your front glass and car wipers slowly doing their job by clearing the view. This slow process keeps going for a while. Suddenly, the traffic light changed its colour to green and you start your car, when alas, it doesn’t start. There is heavy outpouring of the rain, other cars are honking at you and your car doesn’t start. You find yourself high and dry by the middle of the road. Just this thought is enough to give goosebumps!


Although rainy seasons are blessing for the farmers and it does wash away the dirt and dust of the city but travelling during rain can be difficult. And if your vehicle breaks down, then it can be a nightmare. Therefore, in order to avoid such situation, here are a few tips that can come handy while travelling during monsoon.


1.   Servicing

If you hear a dragging, droning, squealing, or grinding noise while driving your vehicle, then it is time to head to your service center. Even if you have the slightest doubt, make sure to have proper servicing by inspecting your wipers, lights, tyres, battery and electrical parts before heading anywhere. 

For your TATA Motors service booking, you can call us at our toll-free number 9801575777 from NCELL number and 16600155777 from NTC number.


2. Check your battery

Heavy rains deteriorate a battery’s performance and may not give current to self-starter. Therefore, to avoid the moist environment, make sure you keep the battery within a battery box and park your vehicle safe, away from the rain.   

In case, you are having trouble with battery breakdown, you can call for our Batmobile – emergency battery breakdown assistance at 01-4244475. Timing for this service is from 6:00 A.M to 9:00 P.M from Sunday to Friday and 9:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M on Saturdays.


3. Check your tyres

Roads of Nepal can be little unpredictable. A perfectly fine road in the morning on the way to the office can have a big puddle while coming back. Therefore, to avoid any unpleasant situations, check on your tyres. To avoid tyres to skid over slippery surfaces, make sure that the tyre treads are lower than 1.6 mm. Here’s a test you can try to check the condition of your tyres. Take a coin and push it into the treads to see how far it goes. If it barely sinks in the tyres, it’s time to change. 

And if you are looking for the best tyres for your vehicle, you can check out the world-class Michelin tyres. They even have pretty good monsoon offers going on.


In case, you want to learn more safety tips for this monsoon driving, you can check our previous blog on 5 tips that will help you drive safe this monsoon 


Drive smooth this Monsoon!

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