10 Easy Tips to Maintain your Commercial vehicle during the lock down

21 Apr , 2020

Here are some tips to help you maintain your TATA Motors – Commercial Vehicle during the lockdown.


1. Start the engine for at least 10 mins once in every 3 days to avoid battery discharge. Remove the battery cable if you are not able to access the vehicle. 

2. Don’t engage the handbrakes for long period. Instead, engage the vehicle in gear. The smarter way would be to use wheel choke or stopper.

3. Check your vehicle tyre pressure before parking the vehicle.

4. Ensure maximum fuel in the tank. (To avoid rust in the fuel tank due to moisture formulation.)

5. To prevent the tyre flat spot, move the vehicle and change the tyre position once in every week.

6. Sanitize the interiors and door handles before parking the vehicle.

7. Turn off the battery cut-off switch.

8. It is recommended to park the vehicle on flat surface and ensure tyres are positioned straight.

9. Lift up the windshield glass wipers.

10. Park the vehicle responsibly and in a safe position. 

So, how are you maintaining your TATA Motors? Let us know. 


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