के जाडो महिनाले गाडीको ब्याट्रीलाई दुःख दिन्छ?

16 Nov , 2018

Starting a vehicle early in the cold morning of a winter season can be a painful task. First of all, you do not feel like waking up in the morning due to cold and on top of that failing to hear the engine roar to life can be a frustrating. It’s true, chilly weather can cause trouble in the car’s battery. Even the best car battery or best motorcycle battery can fail to start during cold mornings.

Cold temperature slows the chemical reaction inside of the battery which tends to cause problems during frigid weather. Some of you may not know why but getting to know more on this topic can help you avoid such problems in winter. And since the chilly weather has just started, this article can be a good place to learn about precautionary measures during the winter for your vehicle.    

Here are a few tips to prevent the battery failure during winter.

  1. Check the age of the battery – Many batteries last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. And if your battery is older than this, then it might be the right time to replace it. In case, your vehicle is running on its original battery, which is several years old, you might have to change your battery before the chilly cold winter begins. And remember, it is very important to buy the right battery for your vehicle, the details can usually be found inside the manual.
  1. Installation of battery blanket – Battery blanket is a wrapper around the battery, which perfectly fits inside the battery cover. This blanket produces enough heat that helps to keep battery fluid from freezing.
  1. Minimize the use of accessories of the vehicle – It is advised to turn off the radio or heater of your car while starting a vehicle. These accessories can use up the power coming from the car’s alternator, which prevents the battery from charging. Also, when your car is idle, do not leave the heater or the radio on.
  1. Disconnect the battery – Disconnect the battery in case you are planning to store your vehicle in the garage and avoid driving during winter. Devices such as alarms and clocks can drain battery power even when your vehicle is off. So, if your vehicle is not driven enough to recharge your battery, then it is better to keep it disconnect when stored.

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