Checklist to keep your car tuned during the quarantine period

25 Mar , 2020



Checklist to ensure your car is in good condition, when you need it.


We are currently on a quarantine period staying at home, while some of us are working from home. This is a difficult time and for our own safety we are advised to stay at home. And as we don’t know for how long we might have to stay at home, it is highly advised to look at the following checklist to ensure your car is in a good condition, when you need it.


1. Check Engine Oil, Coolant & Fluids

Check-Engine-Oil-MAK Lubricants-Vehicle Maintenance Tips in Nepal

Being a car owner, you might already know that your car has to be parked on level ground. Then, remove the oil dipstick and wipe it dry with a cloth. This will help to remove the oil, which may obscure the level indicators on the dipstick as this may create difficulty while reading indicators. When you are done cleaning the dipstick, reinsert it and pull it back. This will help you see the exact level of the oil. Also, remember to check the colour of the oil. Engine oil is usually in amber colour and ensure it hasn’t turned dark black. Dark colour indicates excessive heat, contaminants, chemical additives or sludge.

Checking engine coolant is also important before you decide to hit the road with your car. As most of the cars today come with coolant reservoirs, checking engine coolants is pretty easy. You don’t have to open the lid of the reservoir to visually check whether it is running low or not. And to check where your engine coolant reservoir on your car is, read your manual or simply google it!


2. Clean corroded battery terminals

SIPRADI-Clean Battery Terminals-EXIDE-Car Maintenance Tips Nepal

You must check the battery terminals for any signs of corrosion or mineral buildup. In case there is any sign of corrosion, you can clean it up with a brush. This will help to increase the battery life and decrease the maintenance cost of the car.


3. Clean the windshield wipers

SIPRADI-Clean windshield wipers - Vehicle maintenance tips

When you are on the road, you cannot take a risk with your visibility. Therefore, even during this period, it is important to keep it in excellent order. It is the job of your windshield wiper, but you must remember that wipers are not exactly very durable and might wear out. Therefore, it is very important to check on it and clean it from time to time. And in case it cannot do its job properly, change it! So, on this lockdown time, you can actually check the window wipers and see if they are okay or not.


4. Start the Engine once every 2-3 days

Keep the engine running - SIPRADI Vehicle maintenance tips

As mentioned earlier, we do not know for how long we will be staying at home. Therefore, you are advised to start car’s engine once every 2-3 days. Driving a car on a regular basis helps to keep battery charged. And leaving you car idle for week without driving can lead battery failure when needed. Therefore, at least once every 2-3 days, start your car’s engine and keep it running for 20 to 30 minutes to charge it up. 


5. Clean the Headlights

Clean the headlights - SIPRADI vehicle maintenance tips

Leaving your car idle in garage or outside for days can pile up dust and dirt on your headlights. This can affect the visibility. As the dirt on headlights are less noticeable, people usually drive miles without realizing low illumination due to dirt. Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, use damp microfiber towel every week, even when you and your car is at home, resting.


6. Your vehicle might need a wash too

Wash your car - SIPRADI Vehicle maintenance tips

At the moment, you might be addicted to washing your hands for 20 seconds frequently. But also remember to clean your car to remove dust, mud, dirt and germs. Now that you are not in hurry or busy, it’s worth giving your car the much needed, the much-awaited cleaning. You can prioritize the areas – starting with the frequently touched areas. This list will include door handles, the gear stick, infotainment, dashboard controls, hand break and seat belts. You can use household liquid detergents and dish cleaners with fabric to make your car spotless clean.


Keep your car tuned.

You are locked down, but do not let you car be.

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