Tips to protect your Bike in Monsoon

24 Jul , 2020

Some people just get wet, whereas some learn to dance in the rain. 

Whether you belong to the type who enjoy rain or the one who complains about rain, you cannot deny that traveling in the rain in your bike is not easy. Poor visibility and slippery roads can invite unpleasant situations. Now, with the continuous downpour, you must be having a difficult time traveling. Therefore, as it is said “Precaution is better than cure”, here are a few tips to maintain your motorcycle to make it fit and protect it from monsoon travelling.  

1. Park your two-wheeler on the center stand 

During rainy season, you are advised to keep your two-wheeler on a center stand while parking. This will keep the fluid level balanced. Also, it is much safer and the chances of your bike falling down and getting damaged is low.

2. Check your tyres

Tyres are one of the vital parts of your motorcycle and you cannot ignore its maintenance. Therefore, before you travel during this rainy season, please make sure that the tyres are ready to face the slippery roads, long heavy showers and the sudden brakes. As tyres carry the performance and speed of your bike, bad tyre can lead to accidents. So, for a smooth running and the much-needed better grip during monsoon, check your tyres. 

3. Get the brakes checked

Whether you have a disk, rim or drum brakes, you need to service them on a regular basis. Especially, if you have to travel in rain, you are highly advised to get it checked and fix and adjust in case of any issues. This will ensure your bike stops the moment you apply it, which can come very handy during the monsoon. 

4. Frequently lubricate the bike chain

For smooth performance of your motorcycle, chains should be in a good shape. But during monsoon, unwanted particles easily get stuck in the chain causing disturbance in the movement, which can lead to road mishaps. Therefore, it is important to use the right amount of lubricant to clean the bike chains for the better performance. 

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5. Avoid rusting of hinges and levers

Hinges and levers of your bike are made up of the metals that get rusted easily, especially during rainy season. And this will again lead to bad performance of your bikes. Therefore, protecting them against rust should be on your maintenance priority. 

This Monsoon, Ride Safe!

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