Best SUV worth buying in 2020

26 Dec , 2019

To be compatible with the roads of Nepal, you should get an SUV. In NADA 2019, Tata revealed the most awaited Tata H5. It became a big gift for the Nepali Automotive Industry. Nepali believed that anytime is perfect to drive H5 with ease because of its 3 different driving modes; normal, wet and rough. H5 has ample space to adjust 8 seaters. Thanks to its chassis and suspension for high capability of off-roading. SIPRADI, the sole distributor of Tata in Nepal boasted its new flagship Passenger Vehicle Tata H5 (Perfect combination of design, performance and a lot more).
No one can resist H5’s outstanding looks and aerodynamic profile. Along with stunning interior design, one can find these key features:
1.     8.8 – inch HD touchscreen infotainment system
The sleek car Tata H5 showcase its State-of-the-art 8.8 inch (22.35 cm) touchscreen infotainment system as well as leading smartphone connectivity that let you connected whenever in your H5.
2.     9 speakers JBL audio system
Tata H5 is fitted with nine JBL speakers (4 speakers, 4 tweeters and 1 subwoofer) with amplifier which make you able to listen to your favorite tunes while you cruise down the streets. 
3.     FATC control
Your perfect ride companion H5 with Full Automatic Temperature Control, you can gradually control ratio of room air and atmospheric air supplied into your vehicle.
4.     Push button start
As the Tata H5 has push-button start system, you have no hard times in pushing and pulling out the key. You can just push the start button and you are all ready to go.
5.     Rear parking camera
During purchase, Tata H5 comes with rear parking camera. That means there is no additional cost of upgradation to aid in backing up and to minimize the rear blind spot.
6.     Cruise control
With cruise control system in the Tata H5, you can automatically maintain a steady speed as set by you.
7.     Boot space of 425 Ltr (normal), 810 Ltr (folded seats)
With the fuel tank capacity of 50 Litres, Tata H5 put on the market with boot space of 425 Ltr (normal), 810 Ltr (folded seats) which is more than enough to those whose often go for tours.
Tata H5 offers Fiat-sourced 1956 cc, 2-litre In-line 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel motor Kryotec 2.0 with 6 speed manual gearbox. It supplies 138 bhp@3750 rpm and 350Nm torque@1750-2500 rpm.
About H5’s first line of defence
Tata H5 offers ABS with EBD and a traction control which is a backbone of any vehicle. Additionally, it provides dual airbags, child mount, parking sensors and seatbelt reminder as well. One can choose from 3 driving modes: Eco, City and Sport mode to reach their destined place effectively.
Driver assistant functions
1.     Terrain response modes (normal, rough and wet)
Alike to Land Rover, Tata H5 allows 3 Terrain response modes that is all compatible with Normal – for daily commute, Rough – for rough road surfaces and Wet – for rain condition. These options provide optimal driving experience in all environments.
2.     Hill Hold (HHC) and Hill Decent (HDC)
Tata H5 with hill hold, you can drive up a hill and inclined places without any fear of rolling back because of the system that detects the tilt of the body when the car is stopped on a slope.
3.     Electric Stability Program
With computerized technology named as ESP (Electronic Stability Program), Tata H5 endeavors to vehicle's stability that works by detecting and reducing loss of traction i.e. skidding.
In rear side, H5 has got something to show very attractive; a thin tail lamps with LED treatment. It has projector headlamps, fog lamp and OVRMs.  Now, it’s your turn to enjoy the thrill of Tata H5. For more information, interested one can contact our toll free number 9801575777, 16600155777, Sipradi Trading, Thapathali.

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