If your motorbike is happy then it won't let you down.

19 Jul , 2018

If you are amongst the thrilling bike ride lovers, who are smart and also flexible to avoid thick traffic jams, then you obviously want the best bike and bike related accessories.

If your bike is happy then it won't let you down.

Two-wheelers, or in specific term - Motorbikes are very muscular in design, stylish, comfortable and equally smart. Most popular segments amongst the Nepali bike lovers have also shifted from 150cc to 200cc and above.

These bikes come with smart headlamps, tail lamps, side lamps, digital instrument clusters and meters and added smart features as per the brand. These features enhance the bike riding.

But the main part of the bike that runs and controls the overall performance is the Battery.

Motorbikes these days, with cutting edge technology demands a power packed battery to enhance its performance. And what better than EXIDE Two-wheeler batteries, the most popular battery amongst bike riders not only in Nepal but other countries as well.

EXIDE Batteries offers a wide range and variant of reliable bike batteries that are just the smart and right choice for your motorbikes. These include:

  • EXIDE Xplore:

The only zero-maintenance VRLA motorbike batteries built with world class calcium effect technology. Perfect one for Honda, Suzuki, Hero, Pulsar, Yamaha and all the self start mode bikes and scooters.

  • ​EXIDE Bikerz:

Designed for new generation two-wheelers with super-sealed and spill proof Japanese standard technology

  • EXIDE Xtreme:

Factory charged, maintenance-free battery delivering the extra power-packed performance


For an enhanced and smooth performance, it is best suggested for every motorbike riders to conduct weekly checks on your battery and ideally replace the batteries if they are old or worn out.

Check for any leakages and the electrolyte levels. Leakages will not be a concern for EXIDE Batteries users as they are completely spill proof.

If your motorbike requires a replacement or a new purchase, it is best recommended by any bikers to go for an EXIDE Batteries for the hassle free purchase, trusted guarantee and warranty with the smooth performance.

Treat your motorbike and make it happy and EXIDED!

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