Highest Tax Payer - 2016/17

Siddhartha SJB Rana bagged the award for paying the highest amount of income tax in individual category, while Sipradi Trading Private Limited paid the highest amount of tax among trading companies for the fiscal year 2073/74 B.S. Siddhartha SJB Rana is the executive chairman of Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) honored Siddhartha SJB Rana and Sipradi Trading Private Limited amid a function organized in Kathmandu to celebrate the 7th National Tax Day. Mr. Rana was awarded for the consecutive five years (2068-69, 2069-70, 2071-72, 2072-73 and 2073-74), whereas SIPRADI has earned the distinction of being the highest income tax payer among trading companies for the consecutive four years (2069-70, 2071-72, 2072-73 and 2073-74).


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