Sipradi Training Center


“Sipradi Training Center is aimed to strengthen skill requirement for Technicians, Drivers and Employees that creates good future with right attitudes, responsibilities and Technical understanding of work”.

Sipradi Training Center has been  established to offer a comprehensive portfolio of modern training and learning solution to help  and choose the right mix of training, understand where candidate abilities stand today and where we want them or they desire to be in the near future in automobile and allied sector. Training is based on the current ability of the trainees and future needs for that particular job.

Sipradi Training Centre was established with the same faith in the year 2008. Since then, we have been providing high quality service to customers by providing best technical knowledge to technicians, drivers and other stakeholders.

In the path of betterment of Sipradi Training Center; we have been adding world class equipment to enhance the capabilities of training center. Training Center is equipped with Driving Simulator, TorqueWrench Tester which is only its kind in Nepal. Along with this, training center is equipped with “Knowledge Center” of MAK, BOSCH, EXIDE and FLLETGURAD. These knowledge centers enable trainees to know technicality of the related products used in the vehicle and its holistic view to care in their daily operation.

The purpose of the Training Center is to upgrade the skills of Driver, Technician and employees of STPL. The training center trains Drivers for Heavy & Light Commercial Vehicles, Buses, Passenger Cars, Off-Road Vehicles, and also technical training related to trades such as auto mechanic, auto electrician, electronics and air conditioning Technicians.

Along with these, training center is used for providing training to new staff or new employees of Sipradi i.e. to make new employee familiar with working system & environment and to refresh and sharpen technical capabilities of existing employees in their professional ground.

The center is being operated and maintained by the STPL head office Naikap. 


The Training Center is adjacent to the Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd.  and has state-of-the-art infrastructure for various level of training programs for Technicians, Drivers and other Stakeholders.

Salient features of Training Center

  • Principal Office
  • Office Room
  • Staff (Teacher’s) Room
  • Class Rooms
  • Training Halls
  • Virtual Driving Training Simulator
  • Knowledge Centers
  • Library
  • E-Learning
  • E-Library
  • Work-shop training room
  • Vehicle Parking Shed

The training center has dedicated Training personnel as well as outsourced employees to take care special needs of training. Courses conducted by the centers are of accordance with the requirement of government and approved by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

Class Rooms

All classrooms are well ventilated and designed to provide ample of fresh air & natural light for creating a conductive training environment.

Features of Class Rooms:

  • Two Class Rooms
  • Capacity of Class room 25 students each
  • Ergonomically designed chairs with LCD projector facility and audio video facility as well.


Library of Training center is well equipped with required material for the various level of training. Around 500 books on various topics & subjects are available right now and it has been growing in number day by day. Training Center also includes daily newspapers, magazines related to automobiles. It also contains magazines & journals issued by Tata Motors Ltd.Training Center also consist  E-library where all the useful materials like Workshop Manuals, Training Handouts, Customer Manual etc. are kept and integrated electronically.


 It provides web-based multi-lingual training for technicians. Training Center is well equipped with internet and computers that facilitate to provide on-line technical training directly from Tata motors to technicians on daily basis.

Workshop Training Room                                      

Practical Training is imparted on actual cut section aggregates e.g. Engine assembly, Gear box, Crown etc.

Trainees required dismantle and reassemble the aggregates and make different types of settings for gaining hand on experience.  Along with this, trainee can watch and clarify their doubt on workshop where the vehicles are going under servicing/ maintenance.

Facilities Provided in the Workshop are:

  • Cut-Sections of all aggregates withtheir Wall Charts
  • Safety & Environmental related wall charts
  • Facility to Work on Engine
  • Well Equipped Metrology Lab
  • Welding,  Drilling, Grinding Machines

Virtual Driving Training Simulator

The Training center is equipped with modern Virtual Driving system, i.e. Simulatorwhich is only its kind in Nepal. The simulator driving course offers an interactive learning environment where students exposed to real situation and road conditions of driving. It helps to learn driving with different kind of environment as well as for different types of vehicle.

Pneumatic Brake System Test Bench

Training center is also equipped with real model of Air Braking System. It helps to train the technician about the system layout, airflow mechanism and horn connection of the Vehicle.

Knowledge Centers

The Training Center is well versed with the different knowledge centers.  These majorly include MAK, BOSCH, EXIDE and FLEETGURARD. These centers are established in the view of providing product knowledge as well as their usage in vehicle and its operation.  It helps to understand the functioning of these products in the vehicle and their specific knowledge required for vehicle operation and maintenance.

Metrology Lab

Training Center also consists well equipped and advance Metrology Lab. It consists of Digital Torque Wrench Calibrator, Vernier Caliper etc, and these equipments are only its kind in Nepal. It helps to test the torque wrench and defines the usability and certifies its performance.

Courses offered & Syllabus

The training center has designed the course accordance with the level of knowledge required for Technicians, Drivers and other non-technical persons.

Target Group of Training

Technicians: To enhance the knowledge and upgrade them according to current need and technological changes.

Drivers: to make them efficient driver by providing safe driving tips, fuel economy tips and reduction in road accident as well as let them understand all the traffic rules and regulation. Training center uses Simulator as well for this purpose.

Student/ Fresh Trainees: Training course is designed for those aspirants who want to develop their career in Automobile sector in the Technical Field. The training center has designed different courses for such aspirants.

In-house resource development: Training center is also utilized to enhance & develop own resources to make them competent for required job to be performed.

Course Content

Sr. No. Name of Course Duration of Course Batch Size

Cummins Engines diagnosis and Overhaul

12 hours 12

Engine Repair & Maintenance: Super Ace

12 hours 12

Engine Repair & Maintenance : Quardjet

12 hours 12

Engine Repair & Maintenance:  Dicor

12 hours 12

Air Brake System: Repair & Maintenance

12 hours 12

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

6 hours 12

Dismantling of Transaxle Winger

6 hours 12

Gear Box Maintenance and repair G-27

6 hours 12

Gear Box overhaul G-600

6 hours 12

Gear Box Maintenance and Repair

6 hours 12

Transaxle overhaul

6 hours 12

Electrical system Repair & Maintenance

12 hours 12

Use of Tools

12 hours 12

General Technical Training for Drivers

6 hours 12

Training for non-Technical’s

6 hours 12

6 hours will be count as one day

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