Tata launches the Light Commercial Vehicles

Tata Motors, the leading commercial vehicle brand in Nepal, announced the commercial launch of seven new platforms to augment its range of Intermediate and Light Commercial Vehicles (I&LCV) - LPT 810, LPT 1010,LPT 912, LPK 912, LPT 1109,LPK 1212 and LPT1412. These models come packed with superior Common Rail Diesel Injection (CRDI) engine technology, enhanced fuel efficiency, superior design and more reliable aggregates, ensuring lowest cost of ownership, higher uptime and increased driver comfort. With a starting price of Nrs.17,50,000/-, these models comprising light-trucks to 11 Tonners and a new tipper range from 3 CuM to 6.5 CuM will be launched across the country, in a phased manner.  Speaking on the occasion, Rudrarup Maitra, Head-Commercial Vehicles, International Business, Tata Motors Ltd. said “As the No.1 commercial vehicle brand in Nepal, it is our constant endeavor to provide customers with world class products and services. Our range of I&LCV trucks offers unmatched performance, comfort and safety, along with versatility of various load body lengths and tipper capacities to cater to a varied number of applications. These trucks are designed and tested for the conditions in Nepal and will deliver power, performance and profitability to our customers, exceeding all their expectations."

Speaking at the launch-Mr. Rajan Babu Shrestha, CEO, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. “Our association with Tata Motors dates back to August 1982. Over the years, Tata Motors has expanded their position in the Nepalese market and we at Sipradi will continue to support these products with the best purchase and high quality after sales service experience. The new CR range of I&LCV trucks with its promising features strengthens our belief in Tata Motors vehicles, which are known to offer high value proposition to the Nepalese customer, for their utility, ruggedness and fuel-efficiency.”

Benefits of the new CR-Range of I&LCV trucks:

Power - Available with a new enhanced gearbox, the LPT 810, 1010 and 1109 are equipped with GBS 550, while LPT 1412 is equipped with GBS 40. The GBS 550 provides 6 forward + 1 reverse option, overdrive feature for better fuel mileage on long haul, easy and smooth gear shifting with cable shift mechanism and Aluminum housing for better heat dissipation and lower Kerb Weight. The GBS 40, the most proven gear box is available with a 5 forward + 1 reverse option and an unmatched warranty of 3 lakhs kms or 3 years. These models come with 497 TCIC CR engine which offers 125HP & 400NM torque for better pulling in all type of gradients. In addition, the CR engine boasts of viscous fan technology for low NVH levels

Performance - The new range offers unmatched comfort and performance with suspended seats, refreshed interiors, new and smoother steering with tilting telescopic features and best-in-class grade-ability making the toughest terrains easy to maneuver. Additionally, heavy duty crowns with deeper gear ratios allows this range of trucks to conquer the toughest mountain terrains. Reinforced chassis, clutch plates and stiffer and heavy-duty leaf springs provides unmatched durability.

Profitability - Through this range, Tata Motors is offering high torque gradeability and mileage, competitive pricing and an unmatched warranty to its customers.

About Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited, a USD 42 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks and defense vehicles. As India’s largest automobile company and part of the USD 100 billion Tata group, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia through a strong global network of 76 subsidiary and associate companies, including Jaguar Land Rover in the UK and Tata Daewoo in South Korea. In India, Tata Motors has an industrial joint venture with Fiat. Engaged in engineering and automotive solutions, with a focus on future-readiness and a pipeline of tech-enabled products, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top in passenger vehicles with 9 million vehicles on Indian roads. The company’s innovation efforts are focused on developing auto technologies that are sustainable as well as suited. With design and R&D centers located in India, the UK, Italy and Korea, Tata Motors strives to pioneer new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers. Abroad, Tata cars, buses, and trucks are being marketed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, CIS, and Russia.

About Sipradi Trading Company

Sipradi a major player in AUTOMOTIVE & ALLIED business and is one of the largest and most prestigious brands in Nepal. 35 years down the line, Sipradi has exceeded USD 350 million annual revenue and is growing rapidly in automotive, energy, lubricant, financial services, and equipment businesses. It has 750 employees and 650 support staff working to a common goal --to deliver quality products and services while adding synergy to the growth of overall brand value.  Sipradi Trading Private Ltd (STPL) has been the exclusive distributor of Tata Motors Ltd in Nepal since 1982. STPL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. STPL sells and services the full range of Tata Motors’ commercial and passenger vehicles. The company has the largest sales and service distribution network throughout Nepal. It has 18 sales offices and 24 service centers dedicated to Commercial vehicles manufactured by TATA Motors Ltd., India.  It has 20 showrooms and 24 service centers dedicated to Passenger Vehicles manufactured by TATA Motors Ltd., India.



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