Passenger help desk at major locations inside Kathmandu Valley

DoTM, Metropolitan Traffic Police, Nepal Police, NADA and SIPRADI Team up to provide the best of services to the passengers

SIPRADI in a joint effort with the Kathmandu Metropolitan Traffic Police division and NADA have set up 14 passenger help desk at different locations inside Kathmandu valley. The ticket booking for Dashain has started and with the opening of festive ticket booking, the help desk has also started in Naagdunga, Kalanki, Halchowk, Naya Buspark, Purano Buspark, Sundhara, Chabahil, Gaushala, Koteshwor, Jagati, Satodobato, Balkhu, Dakshinkali and Baneshwor.

It is estimated that 3 million people will be leaving the valley to their hometown to celebrate Dashain.  With a huge demand for transportation, there was a huge list of booking problems faced by passengers. And they are usually used to complain about the high price of tickets, unavailability of ticket and confusion regarding bus boarding location.

Moreover, selling multiple tickets for the same seat and inappropriate behavior by bus staff were also some of the complaints registered in the past. Therefore, to avoid such unpleasant situations, passenger help desk has been set up in different locations in the town. These help desks are providing the information regarding the fixed ticket rate along with taking complaints. Also, these help desks are monitoring local transportation and taxi services within the valley as well.

Each desk has representatives from Metropolitan Traffic Police division, Department of Transport Management (DoTM), Nepal Police, Department of Commerce, Consumer group and the Federation of Transportation Entrepreneur’s Associations. You can also find the distance as well as the ticket price listing on these help desks.

Road Safety being the primary concern, SIPRADI is the part of this event every year.  With over 37 years of hard work and commitment, to make a real difference, SIPRADI has been a major player in automotive and Allied business.



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