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Sipradi Express Sewa

14 January, 2013

An exclusive service for under warranty vehicles LPT 2515, LPT2516 & LPT2518 only


  1. Repair vehicles within 72 hrs, if repair time exceeds 72 hrs, the company will pay Rs 1100 per day as compensation.
  2. Service available at the breakdown point

Benefits to the customers:

  1. Fast Service
  2. Service available at the breakdown point
  3. Rs 1100 per day as compensation.


  1. Compensation will be calculated on hourly basis (Rs 1100 Per Day)
  2. Jobs related with Ancillary, Accidental, Engine, Machining, Chassis, Suspensions are not covered under this scheme.
  3. 72 hrs counted only after the approval from the customers to carry out the jobs.
  4. The scheme is limited on Mahendra Highway, Prithivi Highway, Biratnagar, Dharan, Birgunj, Janakpur,Bhairawa, Dang and Dhangadi
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