DRINK or DRIVE, but, do not do both together.

Festive season is right around the corner.

As we all are prepared to celebrate the biggest festival with family and friends, we would like to request all the drivers to avoid driving and drinking. You have to choose your role before drinking begins: will you drink or will you drive? Remember, even if you only had a little bit of an alcoholic drink and think you’re “okay to drive,” you could still be over the legal limit and that it’s dangerous to drive after drinking.

If you have plans to drink, get a taxi, take a public transport or get a lift. It is a simple choice. Time and again, drivers who may have only had a bit of alcoholic drinks put themselves and others at serious risk.

In addition to that, SIPRADI Service Centers will still be open during this Dashain Holidays. In case of emergency, please contact your nearby SIPRADI Service Centers below:

Dashain Holiday Counters 2075
1 NEPALGUNJ GYAN MANI ADHIKARI  9858026323 gyan.adhikari@sipradi.com.np
2 HETAUDA ASHISH ACHARYA 9860045952 ashish.acharya@sipradi.com.np
3 SARRA BISHNU HARI ADHIKARI 9857832907 bishnuhari.adhikari@sipradi.com.np
4 SHIVAM RAMJI SUBEDI 9801249446 ramji.subedi@sipradi.com.np
5 SIMARA GANESH KAPADI 9855021025 ganesh.kapadi@sipradi.com.np
6 BENI MANOJ POUDEL 9856024185 manoj.poudel@sipradi.com.np
7 MECHINAGAR SUBHASH DAS 9852048440 subhashkumar.das@sipradi.com.np
8 BANEPA NAVIN MAHARJAN 9801008333 navin.maharjan@sipradi.com.np
9 TRISHULI DIBODH LAMICHHANE 9851172705 dibodh.lamichhane@sipradi.com.np
10 NAIKAP, CV2 ANIL KUMAR BHANDARI 9801010525 anilkumar.bhandari@sipradi.com.np
11 POKHARA HARI CHALISE 9806550112 hari.chalise@sipradi.com.np
12 DHANGADI INDRA BDR KADAL 9858424236 indrabahadur.kadal@sipradi.com.np
13 DHALKEBAR BIRENDRA K SINGH 9851141337 birendra.singh@sipradi.com.np
14 MAHENDRANAGAR LOVE KISHOR BISTA 9860439327 love.bista@sipradi.com.np
15 CHARIKOT UMESH KHATRI 9841200752 umesh.khatri@sipradi.com.np
16 ITAHARI KRISHNA KUMAR MALLIK  9855021966 krishnakumar.mallick@sipradi.com.np
17 NAIKAP, CV1 RAJA RAM K.C.  9843644471 rajaram.kc@sipradi.com.np
18 BIRGUNJ  MAHESH KARKI 985111 12062  mahesh.karki@sipradi.com.np
19 SURKHET AMIT PAUDEL  9849711512 amit.paudel@sipradi.com.np
20 BAGDOL UTTAM THAPALIYA 9843229198 uttam.thapaliya@sipradi.com.np